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February 12, 2004


Red Wing Work Boots

Those are super cute. I like you on Facebook.

louboutin schaussures

I like the writing structure of your blog and it does a pretty decent job of presenting the material.

supra vaider shoes

I follow you VIA GFC and I love your blog!

luis eduardo vélez II

Como dicen los "jóvenes" menores de 60 años, esta página es una "bacanería". Nos alegró el corazón verlos de nuevo a ustedes Badi y Luisa y a John y Ana María, acompañados por las personas que los aprecian. Que la felicidad siga siendo el otro sol de todos sus días. Abrazos. Luis Eduardo Vélez II (a.k.a. Lucho papá), Pilar Pedrosa.


Cari amici,

Siete veramente una bella coppia! Vi auguro tanta felicità, amore, e figli maschi :)

Auguri agli sposini!!!!

Un grosso abbraccio e saluti da Roma,


Badi y Luisa,
We miss you both and wish for you a multitude of blessed days together.
Besos y abrasos,
-Sam & Michelle

Consuelo, Alvaro y Sebastian

Estupenda el portal para chismociar y comocer mucha gente que son sus amigos y familiares. Esperamos visitarlos con mucha frecuencia virtual.

lori ungemah

badi and luisa,
big hugs and congrats. your pictures are beautiful, your friend can rhyme, and i hope to see you in brooklyn some day in 2004. i didn't know luisa was an architect--so is my husband. what a wonderful, small world.
enjoy each other :)
xo.lori (and adam, too)


Badi and Luisa,
very nice blog!... and I'm very glad to hear that Luisa is finally coming... I hope to see you guys soon here in the DC area...



Felicitaciones, I am very happy to know that you both are finally getting together. Nice pictures. I have a picture of Luisa to send you but I don't know if I can do it here.
Happy Valentine's to both of you.
I wish John is doing better now. Badi, you have a beautiful family. Our home is available to all of you. If you guys celebrate your wedding here in Wilmette at our Baha'i Temle. Love, Gloria

Badi Bradley

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