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February 25, 2004


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I'm missing the great set of photos of the soon-to-be House of Worship in Santiago. Is it possible to re-post them or let me know how I can access them to show friends here in China?

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Sup badi,u probablly dont know me but i am winnie and oscars's grandson. i think we have met but i cant remember. good to talk again

Lea Gentile

Hi ya'll, Hefty congratulations and a million thanx for the wedding photos which made me feel like a quasi participant half way around the world here in China! It was great to see you all in the W-S Baha'i Center. Thanx also (speaking for Giuseppe) for the Vesuvio Coffee ad Badi. Word of mouth (or blog?) seems to be the way to go for veritable advertising.

I'm missing the great set of photos of the soon-to-be House of Worship in Santiago. Is it possible to re-post them or let me know how I can access them to show friends here in China?

Lots of love to you both. I can't wait to meet Luisa in person

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